Facebook is the number one social network with over 700 million people and it is not surprising that many accounts on Facebook are hacked everyday. The victims end up being disconnected from their online social life and this sometimes leads to stress and other related issues, We have seen how people lose their facebook accounts and they got really frustrated, we survived due to 2 factor verification, so we decided to give you the inside scoop on how to secure your facebook account.

First of all, if you need to access your Facebook account on a PC, no smartphones in this guide, so get to a computer near you and let us get started. Log in to your Facebook account and go to the Account Settings and you should see something like this


Go to the Security tab as it is indicated in the above image. The security area provides several options for securing your facebook account and as you can see

fb security screenshot 2

Just to clear the air, Secure browsing only means that your facebook account is set only to connect through a secure connection and if you dare use “ancient” internet speeds, then Facebook shall not give you access to your own account! Login notifications only means that Facebook notifies you incase anyone hacks into your account, these notifications are either via email, SMS or within Facebook, but, this stunt is not anywhere effective, so, the last option of Login approvals is where we should put our focus

fb login approvals

So, click on the Login Approvals and make sure you see that paragraph checked, otherwise, you shall have wasted your time coming this far. After clicking on it, a prompt window is shown to you as below,



Read through (that is if you want to be extra careful) and click Get Started. Remember these notifications come as SMS and every network operator is supported across the world, but, that also depends on the network operator policies, in Uganda, MTN, Orange and UTL are on top of the list since these Facebook notifications come easily within seconds. So, after clicking the get started button, you are presented with yet another prompt window looking like this Well, at this point some of you are very worried since you do not possess smartphones, well, do not work yourself up with those thoughts, relax, Facebook is in control. For those of you with smartphones, just select the first alternative and you shall be presented with a task of getting a code generator for your smartphone, but, if you have a feature phone, select the second option and let us keep going by clicking on continue. You shall be amazed by the way Facebook protects your account by simply sending an SMS to your phone and all this is for free!! No charges, no gimmicks, plain and simple, FREE! So, another prompt window is seen and it looks like this


And after reading the Facebook terms for the SMS, click continue and then this is where it gets amazing and confusing at the same time. If you have never included a phone number on Facebook, well, Facebook presents you with an option of including one and if you already included a phone number, well, Facebook automatically uses it and sends you the first SMS code, and a prompt window similar to this one is shown, note the format the mobile phone number is written, so don’t stress asking your neighbor the country code, just do it and when you input the right code, Facebook recognizes automatically!!

confrim code

So, just click on continue and you shall only be a step away to completion of this great and amazing task, the last prompt window is presented and it is basically a summary of what shall be going on and looks like this. Make sure you check that box shown so that you give no room for hacking.

setup complete

Having done all that, we wish to congratulate you upon securing your Facebook account and we hope you shall not be worried anymore about hacking and if you lose your phone, well, a contact Us link is presented at the checkpoint page where you can simply follow the simple instructions which Facebook lays out.

Besides that Facebook gives you a list of reset codes you can keep in your wallet after writing them down and you can reset them at any time you feel like. However keep these safe and just in case you lose them please request for new login approval codes from Facebook.

enable get codes

Facebook login codes

Otherwise we hope you enjoy a secure social networking. And remember to always use a stronger password. And remember to only save browsers that are on your personal devices and avvoid saving browsers on public computer lets say those in Cafes, School labs etc.And for alert purposes you can enable login notifications to know who or when you or anybody esle logs into your account, this might not save you but you might be in time to end the session of the intruder and safeguard your account.

Beware of phising sites that might appear like facebook, however the web address is not, such sites have a tendency of offering unbelievable promotions or offers on facebook using links but will require you to login again. Such websites store your email address and password. So before you login into any social network website make sure the website in address bar is the official website for the website you are trying to access.

[quote_simple]”Today many social networks and email providers such as Twiter, linkedin, gmail etc have enabled 2 factor verification either by SMS or code-generator and such measure should be taken to secure our online accounts. And much as no sytem is 100% secure, 99% is better than any percentage below it” – Boses, Editor GURU8 [/quote_simple]
And before i forget, keep your phone safe!