Airtel Uganda has released a statement where it has revealed that their data sharing service known as “Tugabane” will no longer be available on three (3) of its data products like “Freaky Friday”, “Freaky Holiday” and Daily data bundles.

Tugabane enabled a user with an Airtel internet package to simultaneously use his or her package with another person irrespective of the person’s location within the country, and it usually came in handy when one intended to gift another with internet.

The service will no longer be available starting 21st July 2021.

“Kindly be informed that effective Wednesday 21st July 2021, the Tugabane service will no longer be available on Freaky Friday, Freaky Holiday and Daily data bundles”, reads the statement from the management of the second largest telecommunication company in Uganda.

The rest of the packages will not be affected by the cancellation.

“Please be advised only daily, freaky Friday and freaky holiday bundles were exempted from tugabane the rest qualify”, reads a response to a querry made to the post. This implies that monthly, weekly or other similar bundles that are not captured under the selected packages will be able to use the service.